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workshops, Hannover 06 2004, results

basic information : final results

World record: biggest type-domino ever

The aim was to make a type domino which is saying 'type moves' (the theme of the Forum Typographie). All participants came up with very different concepts/approaches to design a piece of typography with domino stones.

At the end of this one day workshop all 'stoppers' (gaps in the domino row) were removed very very carefully and all individual 'type moves' were connected to create one, very long type-domino. Actually the biggest type domino ever done, build out of more then 13.000 single hand cut domino stones.
And finally at 18.00 o'clock it was time to let it run.

Watch the film of the final run:
watch quicktime lowres (4.1 mb)
watch quicktime hires (7.6 mb)

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