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Group 'Dream on!'
Yesterday, Wed, Jan 26, 2005, we learnt a new word: WINDCHILL
1] A still-air temperature that would have the same cooling effect on exposed human skin as a given combination of temperature and wind speed - called also chill factor, windchill factor, windchill index.

2] Nobody really likes being outside dealing with snow, windstorm and freezing rain all at the same time.

3] Nobody really loves running on a car park from 8PM to 4AM with frozen hands and manipulating a few hundreds shopping trolleys with a windchill of -16°.

But at the end, when we think back about it...

Group 'Read on!'
Today we finished to 'draw' letters with the optical corrections and proportions. For us it's been a new way to do calligraphy. It's easy and attractive to test curves. Then we filmed the installation and currently we're doing a 'montage' of the film. It'll be a short movie, a video clip following the movements of a pencil and showing the letters constructions. We also started to digitalize the 'b' and the 'e'. It looks sophisticated and has a potention to be a new kind of calligraphic typeface. By'cha!

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