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The Grand Final

Miss Silent Judo Seraina Brugger vs. Mr. Silent Judo Woeishi Lean

Mr. Silent Judo Woeishi Lean is just about to fire his angry 'g'.

A two minute battle on 2.5 x 2.5 m field, improvisation.

Seraina has a strong start. She goes for the sentence 'Catch me if you can!' and quickly controls the battlefield. But Woei strikes back with 'It is finished' - and what a style he has! He leaves no chance for Seraina to hit back.

We give one more chance for Seraina. Now, if she's able to knock out, she will win. She has a new 2.5 x 2.5 m field and 1 minute. Seraina goes for 'TYPEMASTER' but Woei bashes with 'Rage'. His extremely angry, beautiful, long, single stroke 'g' finishes the game leaving Seraina to 'TYPE'. Woei is the first champion in this very tough, ground breaking battle.

The winner: Mr. Silent Judo Woeishi Lean! (0-1)

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