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workshops, Florence 12 2005, assignment

basic info


results half way: day 1 : day 2
final result: pics : animated

Good times

Make a temporary 3 dimensional piece of typography. An installation with lasts only for a pre-defined moment; something which gets its power form it's short life (you could also say: apply live fast & die young as a philosophy for this piece). As it appears it's gone already. Once discovered we start to miss it in the moment it faded away.

The piece of typography should be big, 3D and placed in public space. You can use whatever material you want. Think about what you want to say with your installation, and then try to put this into few strong word; one message. This message should be the content of the installation.

Some thoughts

With the invention of type, history started. Before that, there were only stories told from one generation to another. There was no history, because what happened only existed in our brains. Type was used to make stories to become history; black and white, written down in books. Using type as temporary medium may appear strange for some. But why not use a medium for something it was never made for, and see what happens.

Stuff to think about

The piece of typography will be created in a specific, public space. How does your text relates to the specific location? How do you make your piece to become temporary.

As time passes, future becomes past, and past becomes history... also you story.

Define your material which you wanna use for your typography. Bricks? Bikes? Cars? Paint? Balloons? etc. What is your story? Which material would be the most appropriate for doing that? How can the temporary aspect help your story to communicate in a strong way.

Working method

- two groups of 10 people (no individual working)
- each group takes one location and creates 1 piece of typography on 1 location
- the concept is important, as well as the design of the letterforms, as well as the realisation.


day 1
09.00 introduction presentation Underware
10.00 make groups and define concept and text
11.00 first sketches ready, start experimenting with chosen material
14.00 presentation Underware on type design and letterforms
14.30 continue sketching and playing around with the material
19.00 sketches finished

day 2
09.00 - 18.00 create piece of type at location.
18.30 end presentation

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