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workshops, Genk 04 2005, time

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Moveable type, a celebration of manual work
A one day typeworkshop held by Underware and Donald Beekman at the historic buildings of the Waterschei coal mine on the 28.04.2005. This workshop is part of the initiative Facelifters. In this first edition of Facelifters, musicians, architects, designers and dancers are invited to explore the potention of manual labour. Facelifters 1 will take place from 24th till the 30th of April in the old buildings of the Waterschei coal mine, which is close to Genk, Belgium. For more information about this event please check their website.

The assignment in brief
With 1500 empty boxes sized 1 x 1 x 1 m we want to create a big moveable type piece. A piece of typography where the reader can walk through and experience the message.
This whole piece is dedicated to manual labour, the location and it's history.

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