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The Battles : The Grand Final : Female piece : Male piece

background info

The Grand Final

Miss Silent Judo Mariana Magalhaes vs. Mr. Silent Judo Francisco Cruz

Miss Silent Judo
judoka: Mary San
name: Mariana Magalhães
title: Miss Silent Judo Porto 2006
city: Foz
born: 05-08-1984
weight: 57 kg
length: 1.74 m
special skills: flying calligraphic attacks
strongest word: 'Kiss from hell' (made in the Grand Final)

Mr Silent Judo
judoka: San Frank
name: Francisco Cruz
title: Mr. Silent Judo Porto 2006
city: Porto
born: 27-11-1979
weight: 72 kg
length: 1.76 m
special skills: extremely aggressive with his bulldozer tool, concise
strongest word: 'Force QUIT' (made in the Grand Final)

Three battles, first two quick games near the waves, one last 5 minute game on a big 4 x 4 m battle field. 1 point for the typography, 1 point for the word content, 1 point for the performance in each game. Requirements: at least 2 words made with 2 different tools.

Round 1
Mariana: 'Girl power' vs. Francisco: 'Cmon make my day'
Content: 0-1
Performance: 1-0
Type: 1-0

Round 2
Mariana: 'Kiss from hell' vs. Francisco: 'Fast & furious'
Content: 1-0
Performance: 1-1
Type: 0-1

Round 3
Mariana has made a lead of 4-3 before this all deciding last round. For this final game she has saved her best tool, a soup spoon. Her start is smooth but Francisco strikes from the back capturing exceptionally large area of space. For Mariana's misfortune her tool explodes after first two strokes. Her support group feeds a new tool, but her concentration is gone. Francisco hits from the back with his very wide 3D broad nib and lands 'QUIT' to the sand. Mariana's energy is back and she digs like hungry mole. After a while her type says 'Mine field', with a convincing, corresponding look - a mess.

Francisco's finishing touches are a subtle script lettering 'Force', completing his masterpiece 'Force QUIT'. He gains his title as a first portuguese champion in Silent Judo. Congratulations!

Mariana: 'Mine field' vs. Francisco: 'Force QUIT'
Typography: 0-1
Word content: 0-1
Performance: 0-1

The winner: Mr. Silent Judo Francisco Cruz! (4-6)

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