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workshops, Rotterdam 12 2002, day1

The 4 day-workshop takes place at the Willem de Kooning academy in Rotterdam. The goal of the workshop is to make a new typeface for a signage system near Rotterdam Blaak train station. The typeface and the signage system will be developed by the whole group in three and a half days. The group of students consist of 12 students from the graphic design department.

1) define the feeling and the look of the type by drawing the word 'SNAKE'
2) choose one and develop this into a whole font
3) digitalize the font
4) present it in the right environment

1st day
2nd day
3rd day
4th day (final presentation)

The first day every single student started to sketch the word 'SNAKE' by hand. Plain pen and paper work. In the end of the day 12 different versions of this word were putted to the wall. From all the different sketches, one type design was chosen and was the next days going to be developed by the whole group into a complete font. Now the feeling and the look of the typeface are defined. Important is not only the functionality (can you read it from 100 meters distance?) but also the own character/atmosphere of the type. Why to choose this font for the signage system, and not Frutiger again?
The first picture shown here on the top left, is the one which was chosen.

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