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workshops, Vienna 04 2004, assignment-schedule

basic info

work: prelude : intermezzo : finale

Very rough schedule, to get an impression how the week COULD be.

day 1 - monday 19-04-2004
09.15 Introduction Underware. Starting to work on the assigment. Everybody has to present the results of his research already done so far, or otherwise do a research this day on interesting aspects of the way type gets spoken. What's so typical? How could this relate to a form?

day 2 - tuesday 20-04-2004
09.15 General presentation Underware, the basics of type design. Afterwards the concepts get developed further and translated into type sketches. Lots of hand sketching.

day 3 - wednesday 21-04-2004
09.15 Presentation how digitized type is made. The type gets developed further and the first digitization might take place in the end of the day.

day 4 - thursday 22-04-2004
Digitization, type gets developed further and further.

day 5 - friday 23-04-2004
Last day. Finalize project, and in the end of the day there will be a presentation. Party-hardy.

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