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workshops, Vienna 04 2004, daily

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This website will be updated during the workshop. Follow it live on this spot.

Twelve groups of students and twelve approaches to speech - quite a versatile collection. Working on a font for one week is just an introduction, but here's a whole bunch of potential concepts to keep on working with. Thanks for Titanic-Club's excellent live music and for Typographische Gesellschaft Austria, who made all this happen. Long live TGA!

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11 Truth, semi truth, semi lie, lie

Politicians are the best professionals in hiding their motives into a jargon which doesn't say anything at all. Dedicated to Dr. Benita Ferrero-Waldner, an Austrian president candidate who lost this year's president elections (47,6% of all votes) to her competitor, Dr. Heinz Fischer (52,4% of all votes).

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