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In 2003 Barcelona was celebrating the year of design. One part of this whole year event was an exhibition called Crossed lines, new territories of design (showing and exploring exactly what is named in the title)

It is a global development, nobody can it stop anymore. Designers (and non designers) around the world are not satisfied anymore with their core occupation, and so the try to conquer new working fields, mix them with their trained ones, and come up with interesting results.
Very often this works have a strong affinity with our daily life, are highly de-intellectualized and sometimes funny. Capable to make people re-think about the value of design and to make them happy.

Now it is the time for our holy friend, the personal car.

'Be yourself'.
In the user-consumer's relationship with objects, one constant is the quest for self-identity and the desire to distinguish oneself in a grey, mass-produced, routine setting. ' Tuning' - a sort of hybrid creation that blends mechanics, industrial design and graphic art, closely related to Do-It-Yourself - is one example from the transportation world.*

Car as status symbol. Car as mobile private micro cosmos. Car as private social space. Car as peoples best friend. Car as family member. Car as an attitude. Car as modern micro-bunker, to defense yourself against all the evil from the outside world.

We use our car to communicate who we are, want to be, and try to be. Car as second skin, mobile house, own world. Haut Couture (Hello Weimar) out of metal and and plastic. Straight from the collection or custom made. Brand new or second hand.

Car lettering as a visual act to 'inform' your second skin.

Please forget everything what you know and expect about car lettering. Try to use the medium car as a base for a strong message. So at the end your ordinary car turns out to be a real unique Automotive (car lettering as Gesamtkunstwerk?).

We do not know where we are going, but thats not reason not to go.*

* source: Crossed lines, new territories of design, any del disseny, Barcelona 2003, ISBN84-95951-44-4

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