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day 1 - monday
10.00 Introduction Underware (Akiem). Starting to work on the assignment. Define an all over approach for your lettering. Try to find the limits and possibilities. Try to make a list of important aspects (like: form, shapes, arrangement, colors, content, message...). At the end of the day there should be plan & sketches which are covering all important aspects of the project.

day 2 - tuesday
10.00 General presentation Underware (Bas), the basics of type design. Afterwards short presentation of all ideas. After this every group develops its concept into more concrete type sketches. Group discussions on the afternoon.

day 3 - wednesday
10.00 Presentation how digitized type is made with FontLab (Bas). Every group develops its font further on paper & on the computer. Also make dummies of the final work.

day 4 - thursday
9.00 Fine-tuning of letter-forms. Font should be finished in beginning of the day. Make the final work, make the car lettering. Make the Automotive

day 5 - friday
10.00 Final day (Bas + Akiem). Quick presentation of all cars. Discuss what can be improved, and how the final presentation should look like (photo, film, the car at a specific place)
around 17.00 till late: Drive-Inn party at a secret spot in Brussel.
You want to join? Please send a mail to (secretdriveinn@typeworkshop.com).

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