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Final results

Renault R5 TDI - RamTourist. To make people aware of the fact that a car is a dangerous weapon, we created a word that represents both danger and aggression, violence and rudeness. The type had to look tough and aggressive, so we used the old german war-helmets as a basic form to create the type.

Citroen AX - I am not here. In our work, the car is defined as a private space, where you're free from daily work. The type had to look like it had been painted on the car made in a sudden mood of irritation with society...

Renault Clio - Car-masutra. The carmasutra, a car in which you can have sex at the back, but only if u know the 'car-masutra' position.

Volvo V40 - rees-car. Our car is a 'rees-car' (the phonetic version of the English 'race') for Peace-lovers who like to do it the fast way. Anytime, anywhere. Capich? Wanna go for a ride, love?

Honda Civic- Intell man zoekt spont poes. Our idea is to show the personality of the person who drives the car. Our car ended up to be a driving contact advertisement, saying: clever man, looking for spontaneous girl.
(the clever man's telephone number is 0032 048 58 68 68 71)

Renault 5 - Burger. Our car became a box, for a human being. We used the typical signs you can find on a package for meat. Signs like 'best before', 'open here', a barcode, weight... all the information is linked with the owner of the car. We also made a logo; 'BURGER'.
'Burger' (in Dutch), means two things; a person or meat. In the end we are persons of flesh and blood.

Opel Corsa - Doortrekker. An ordinary dirty car in the street. In stead of making it clean we made it very dirty. So we could write on it. The other way around, compared to ordinary traditional car lettering.

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