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workshops, Helsinki Lahti 10 2002, 03

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01 layered type
02 screentype
03 bible type
04 shop lettering

05 carplate type
06 the fatter the better
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bible type  basic info : presentation half way : final presentation
Latest news: nothing's gonna stop them now - click here to see more
Get classical, and find out what's important to modify for a small size text typeface. How to get economical? How to save space, save money (but still keep it legible)?

what to do
Do a research on existing bible typefaces, compare them. Define the essential parts of a bible typeface.
Start with an existing typeface: (Bauer) Bodoni
Modify it to make it legible in 6 pts. and make it much more economical.
Start with the characters: Hamburgerfontstiv, but make all of them in the end.
Present them in real size (really small) and then compare this with other fonts and the Bodoni.
Make 2 spreads for the Pts. magazine.

http://www.new-series.org/ (Arnhem typeface)

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