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workshops, Helsinki Lahti 10 2002, 04

basic info
time, place, basic info
themes, the groups
daily impression

the workshop-themes
01 layered type
02 screentype
03 bible type
04 shop lettering

05 carplate type
06 the fatter the better
07 the publication
order publication

shop lettering  basic info : thoughts and ideas : presentation half way : final presentation
Take an existing shop in Helsinki and make a new lettering for this shop. For the window, or for a plate outside. Maybe he even needs a new text to promote his company? Make him sell more with your type.

what to do
Choose a shop in Helsinki from which you think it will sell much more with your new lettering.
Make a hand lettering on a big size for this shop.
Present this to the shop-owner, how will it look like in his shop?
Make 2 spreads for the Pts. magazine.

coming soon

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