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Shut up and listen
Some facts, some thoughts, some words & some questions

1.1 Denial
A graphic designer who considers his own opinion as not important enough, is close to being a Desk-Top-Publisher.

1.2 Naivety
A graphic designer who doesn't have an opinion at all, better considers changing his job.

1.3 Craftsmanship
A graphic designer who does have an own opinion, has to be able to judge in which way to use his opinion. When to use his opinion, and how to use it.

1.4 Reality I
Be aware that you're not the only one telling your message in a public space. We're surrounded by commercial, cultural and ideological messages, messages for navigation, and lots of inscrutable noise. It's growing and growing, already for decades. Your message will end up in between all the existing messages. What consequences will this have for your message? What's still worth telling on the streets?

1.5 Reality II
Sometimes it's better to shut up. Sometimes the world is better off without your opinion.

2.1 Process
Having an opinion is one. Putting it into the right words is two. Visualizing the message is three. Applying it in the right environment is four.

2.2 Justice
A graphic designer is a prejudiced person. He doesn't only have his own opinion, but is also capable of communicating his opinion in a powerful way. He is capable of visualizing it in a strong way, and applying the visuals in the right environment. Therefore the opinion of graphic designers should be much more present than opinions of non-designers. Why isn't that mostly the case?

2.3 Multistorey
If the opinion of the graphic designer is going to be merged with the opinion of a client, a third, new, multistorey opinion will rise. This can result in a paradox as well as two synergetic components. Isn't a multi-layered opinion more interesting than a monostorey opinion?

3.1 Power of typography
Too many words have been said about the relation between the form and the content of text. Define your own relation, and surprise others. But don't underestimate the power of typography.

3.2 History I
Having a proper knowledge about all existing letter forms, allows you to choose the best kind of typeface, which does the job in the most amazing way. Know your tools, know what you are talking about.

3.3 History II
Forget about the history of type. Go and tell your message. If you don't succeed, there is always the possibility to jump back to the library again.

3.4 Wishful thinking
The form of a message can not only influence the content, it can also influence the environment. Even worse, it can influence people.

4.1 Job I
Change the world.

4.2 Job II
If you don't manage, create your own world.

4.3 Exit
If you don't manage to do that either, go and do something else.

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