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workshops, Tampere 05 2003, assignment-schedule

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day 1 - monday
Introduction and explanation of the assignment. Both thin and thiny group start with a research and afterwards starts sketching the word 'finale'. In the end of the day everything gets discussed.

day 2 - tuesday
Continue sketching on decision made on monday. In the end of this day one sketch will be chosen to be developed by the whole group.

day 3 - wednesday
Everybody starts to draw 3 (different) letters of the same font. This will be putted together again during the day and finetuned by everybody. In the end of the day, the font has to be finished.

day 4 - thursday
Digitize all the letters and put the typeface in Fontographer. Adjust the characters more and define a proper spacing. Think about a name for your typeface.

day 5 - friday
Last day: apply your font. Realise your type in the way it was meant to be used. 15.00 o'clock final presentation, drinks and food!

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