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A clear all over plan had to be defined today. Here a short summary:

01 R5-I: car as packaging for the driver as a modern product. But is this package a bottle, an envelope or a box? Or is it more a like a bag, or a big shoe?

02 CitroŽn: in and out, a car lettering which is playing with the inside and outside of a car.

03 Opel: dirtograpgy. A special technique, which needs a really very dirty car to start with. The contradiction with traditional car lettering (which needs a perfect clean car), is not an accident, but the fuel for this idea.

04 Volvo: it is all about motion. The car, the wheels, the window, the door-opener.

05 R5-II: only 2% off all cardrivers (owners), are car driver enough to go for a car lettering. But what about the other 98%. Are they to shy, to old-fashioned, or just boring. Or is it up to us designers, to develop something which fullfills their dreams, and maker their life a beter life.
A car lettering for car-owners, who do not want to have a car lettering.

06 Honda: car as best friend, with a certain character, and capable to help you in difficult situations.

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andyclymer -- Tuesday, March 1 2005, 01:40 pm
Ahh of course, the dirty car lettering! http://www.rednektv.com/classic_rednek/dirty_car.jpg

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