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workshops, Detroit 04 2003, assignment

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Make a concept for a stencil typeface and realize it

Find a concept, a design and a purpose for this stencil typeface. Start sketching by hand, make selections with the whole group and so on. Complete the drawings into a file and present the final typeface in the right environment.

The whole group of 15 students are working together on one subject, stencil typeface. The type can be cut out of out paper, metal, wood, or whatever. There's also a technical problem to be solved: if the type has a closed inner form, the counter form (like the inner part of 'O' for example) has to be connected to the body of a letter, otherwise the counter part is loose and doesn't work.

Here are some examples of stencil types

These links may help to cover the field of stenciled type. Don't let your mind to fix into these examples, but let yourself go wild!

Viking stencils? Rough, geometric & streamlined capitals:

Conga Brava. Low contrast italic with serifs:

Spacedock Stencil. A font used for space-adventure fiction films.

Military stencils.

Lots of different kind of stencil fonts:

Adobe: Stencil Std Bold. Designed by Gerry Powell in 1937.

Instructions: how to make stencils at home?

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