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workshops, Detroit 04 2003, publication

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The publication
The results of this Detroit workshop will be published in 5 Pts. The results from the workshops in Rotterdam and Tampere will also be in there. Next to this, there will be more deeper content about 'type and education'; size: 160 x 240 mm; 48 pages offset printed.

Order the publication already now!
5 Pts. will be presented in September 2003. However, you can already order the publication now. The expected final retail prize will be 17,50 Euros (exclusive shipping costs). If you order it now, you can get it for 13,50 Euros (exclusive shipping costs).

How to order?
Just send a mail to Nijhof & Lee booksellers in Amsterdam, and they will arrange it with you: info@nijhoflee.nl If you prefer personal contact, phone +31-(0)20-6203980.

Why order now?
First of all you will get the publication before it's available in the bookshop.
Second, you will get it cheaper.
Third, you can give us a bit of a guarantee that we will at least cover the costs.
Fourth, the selling of 5 Pts. will be handled by Nijhof & Lee Booksellers in Amsterdam. Please support the small independent bookshops.

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