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workshops, Helsinki Lahti 10 2002, 02

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Our group started the assignment by sketching some basic characters, such as 'a', 'n' and 'o' to a very small point size for screen use. After some hard puzzling and web browsing we came to a conclusion that small point sizes are already quite deeply studied. We found good examples of well working screen types in small sizes (x-height 5), but we also recognized that most of them only exist in one style or two: there are not really big families available.

But this direction would be a hard way to go for such a small time period. And pretty soon we found out that there is not many screen types made for headline use. Therefore we decided to sketch letters to really big point sizes. This sketching we did just by using paper and pen - by this way we didn't have any the technical problems and we were able to concentrate to essential. All of us started to put pixel after pixel at point size 48. That size is easily scalable to 24 and 12 point sizes - just in case if we have some extra time on next week.

The question is: what kind of forms give the most pleasure on screen platform? Round forms look really rubbish and cheap, and straight lines everywhere look extremely dull. At one point one of us made upright italic 'h' that was using 45 degrees angle of broadnip pen. 45 degrees gives a smooth line, so we decided to go on by doing other letters as well.

At the moment we are still fine tuning the word 'hamburgerfonstiv' on paper and also already in Fontographer. We had technical problems because Sami wanted us to start digitalizing the characters in Fontastic Plus. That program is really old, made in 1985, and it was not anymore working really well in these new MACs.

And yeah, we want to expand the font by adding swashes, ligatures, alternative letterforms, maybe outline, shadow, colors... so let's see how far we get in Lahti!

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