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workshops, Helsinki Lahti 10 2002, 02

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Boring bitmaps for hardcore type nerds. Choose your platform: whether it is a mobile phone screen or scrolling message boards, find a best legible forms for this particular platform. Study all the aspects of legibility: curves, x-height, spacing and so on.

The famous Austrian typographer, baron Walter WeissmÄller once said: 'Typefaces are like women; you know when you meet a nice one. You also have to consider very carefully what you gonna do with it.' So, inspired by this distinguished gentleman, we decided to share the whole typographic pie. We worked hard to have screentype font which work and look good, like a real women. The result is more than excellent. The font flirts with the reader and gives the juiciest taste for any screen-based action. Enjoy, beba and nauti from our creation.

All of us started to put pixel after pixel at point size 48. That size is easily scalable to 24 and 12 point sizes. At one point one of us made upright italic h that was using 45 degrees angle of broad nib pen. 45 degrees gives a smooth line, so we decided to go on by doing other letters as well.
One of us concentrated to lowercase and the other to make those lowercase letters with outline. Outline version has different spacing, some parts are more fine tuned. Two of us went forward with the caps: our final solution has now both regular and fancy black letter caps.

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