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These links might help you to get started:
What's Rovaniemi like? : Suicides in Finland : Hardware for advertisers in the dark : Neon-sign samples : Holy, illuminating typography done by the Sisters : Candles and typography (not really what you would first think of) : For the references, type-glossary : Forces of Light festival in Helsinki between 30th of November and 14th of December 2003. A series of winter events where the light plays an important role. : Old Photoshop tricks to make the type glowing : Rene Alphonse Higonnet (1902-1983) is the man behind the phototypesetting machine : your link here : your link here

See the rankings here. And check the seasonal suicides here.

Something else found: here

A surprisingly large proportion of the general population, particularly older people, also struggle because they can't easily read small print.

Everyday household equipment was becoming more difficult to operate because of the growing use of hard-to-read electronic displays, the RNIB said.

The institute, which represents Britain's two million people with sight problems, singled out the internet as a particular problem because of the thoughtless ways websites are designed.

To improve readability, the RNIB recommended publishers use a plain typeface with a minimum type size of 14 point with the use of semi-bold and bold. It added that text should be well-spaced, but without italics or clutter.

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