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workshops, Rovaniemi 12 2003, time

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Shining type workshop
A workshop to bring light to the darkness, hold by Underware at The University of Lapland, faculty of Art and Design, Rovaniemi, Finland. The workshop runs from the 8th till the 12th of December 2003 in Rovaniemi.

General information and the assignment in brief.
Finland is still infamous for its high suicide statistics. Out of many reasons, one is the depressive darkness in the winter time. The more north you go, the darker it gets. December is the most darkest month of the year in Finland and the University of Lapland is the most northern art academy in the world. This forms the perfect opportunity to explore the possibilities of a typeface created by light. In this workshop a concept will be defined, and the typeface will be designed and applied in a proper environment.

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