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Revisions galore! After compiling another round of revisions, the students gathered around all the characters to decide what forms must be grouped and unified. For example, all the bottom left sides of the characters must be flat (the angles were all over the board). C,G,O, and zero must have the same curvature. All top left serif must align and correspond to the main axis of the typeface. The list was long . . . much work was done to refine. The students then broke off into smaller groups to work on refining like forms. During this phase the students were also thinking about the final application and name of the typeface. Names that surfaced as possibilities were Neat Meat, Stencizzle, Meat Shop, Polygamy, Quite ok, and Chopshop. Chopshop was the one chosen so that is the name of the typeface. The students felt that Chopshop reflected the process, the nature, and the environment in which it was created in. Next the final application had to be decided. Students discussed that the application should reference the process, reinterpretation of interpretations and interpretations of reinterpretations (and so forth). Ideas in regard to the form were T-shirts and salvage clothes (to be silkscreened), an installation at a local cultural center, stenciling messages around the city, and less permanent vandalism such as spraying on grass, dirt, etc. Moral issues with vandalism surfaced and we decided as a group that government would not be pleased with spraying the city with the new baby Chopshop. Ultimately, the students decided to cut the type out of wood large format - approx 8" x 10" for each letter - and take photos of the city through the cut type. Off to the woodshop we go.

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