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CHOPSHOP IS COMPLETE! Thankfully, there weren't any fights today. This day started at 8:30 for some and 2 pm for others. The first task of the day was to get the large-ass letters cut out of wood. One group of typefreaks went to the woodshop to try to bribe the freshman woodshop students to cut the wood for them, but they figured they could do a better job so they went crazy on it. Akiem and Sami continued to say the phrases "its quite okay" and "maybe not like that," or "we can do it better." After these inspirational words, the student found the courage to finish the font. The wood typefreaks, created a very awesome cut out of the word "CHOPSHOP" and went around the city of Detroit to photograph it. Meanwhile, another group of typefreaks bought T-shirts and spray paint, and headed to the grass in front of the school, to spray the stenciled creation on top. Most of the spray painted t-shirts looked unique, and reminded some of the days when people used to wear those "Hypercolor shirts", but they were all very happy with it and planned on a day when they could synchronize their awesome shirts to show off to fellow students. However, with all the work that they did, the typefreaks still have homework for tonight: everyone has to cut out 3 versions of 3 letters out of polystyrene. The typefreaks with bad craft were awarded the letters with no curves.

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