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workshops, Rovaniemi 12 2003, daily

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A day where the sun comes up at 11.00 and goes down around 14.00, a day which is 10 degrees colder than yesterday: perfect day for sketching type inside a warm building.

The LED-Group decided not to go for a typeface which is based on a grid, although this would be 'obvious' when a circle is the basic element for the font. Contrary: script faces rule! Human forms which will finally merge with electrical technology (picture 1-6).

The Biggest-Typeface-In-Rovaniemi-Group, from now on called the 'biggest-group', found some aspects in their first skecthes which were interesting enough to be deepened out. In the end of the day there is something which could be probably best described as "some constructed metal type with a human touch...". What else to say about it? Just watch the pictures (picture 7-12).

The Face-The-Light-Group started with the concept of light originating from the Renaissance. Conceptual thinking can block the mind, and limit creativity. However, it brought us to a point that it became clear what to do: make a very thin stencil typeface. (picture 13-18)

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