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workshops, Rovaniemi 12 2003, daily

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The colder the better! The LED-Group developed the first sketches and afterwards designed all the lowercase characters within the same direction. And if that wasn't enough work, everything got digitized in FontLab and turned into a font. Pfff. Tomorrow time for caps? Tomorrow time for caps! (picture 1-6).

The Biggest-Group started do develop more characters within the chosen direction. More skechting, on paper and on screen. Sketching a letter is one, but sketching two letters which really fit to eachother is something else. Check this site tomorrow to see the difference (picture 7-12).

Sketching on paper was the main occupation of today for the Face-The-Light-Group. Hardly any computer at all. But in the end of the day, it was all worth doing this. And now? Let's get this font into the computer. Long live the group-spirit! (pictures 13-18).

O ja, there is this little movie (3 MB) where you can see our 2 minute walk this morning from the apartment to the academy. Lots of darkness and a bit of snow.

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