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Renaissance to Rene-Sans.

It really took some work but in the end we made it. And it works too! The first idea was about the ideology of Renaissance, to bring light to the dark ages. Light is not always visible. It can also be an inner light, the idea of light in an object.

The font making process with a group of ten or so people turned out to be quite a challenge. The road from the beginning to the end was long and at times we thought we were completely lost. But we made it to the end. Kill your darlings! That was our way to go. Our thinking and sketches went from renaissance to gothic to 80's new romantics and back. But once we finalized our basic forms we really started to get things going.

To us the final result seems quite solid and with clear form language. The stencil style font served our final presentation well. Our advise to you is to face the light and just let loose!

ps. If you wanna have a closer look on Rene-Sans, check this PDF.

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