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So, what happened today? Take a look at the pictures; on the top row you see the sketches from thin group and on the bottom row the work from tiny group. Take care, this order will stay also during the following four days.

Tiny group took a look on the problems by first printing existing types into very small sizes, 1-5 pts size. By doing the sketches it became clear that this group still needs to solve many aspects: what to do for the spacing, the thickness, what about the serifs (?), and the contrast (?) and for the counter forms. Brrr.

Thin group's problem is more conceptual. One of the strongest ideas of today was to make a lettering for the hairdresser's window using 'hairlines'. How that type should look like was still a mystery. Yes, we have to sketch more and find a form of a typeface which cannot exist in a bold version. And keep on thinking in extremely big headline sizes of course.

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