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The thin group started to look for a proper location, and found that this morning. A weird bizar alley, which breaths the atmosphere of Jack the Ripper. Brrr. They started experimenting today using the bricks for making the type. The whole street could be 'filled' with bricks. You can read a typographic saying, if you stand on the beginning of this alley. Brake the perspective dimensions in your brains!

After three days of workshopping, the tiny group managed to make something which already looks a lot like a font (!>?). After doing lots of different sketching (and reduce them to small sizes), a basic ground layer was found. This layer defines the spacing, how thick a stem should be, and how the contrast should be. Today all the characters have been made, based on the yesterday's conclusion. After putting all the characters into Fontographer it looks really real. Really! But, lots and lots of things still have to be modified, really.

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