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Last day, new day; sunshine and more bricks! The thin-group started the day with building the last word to finish their street lettering: don't feed the squirrel. The group was tired but motivated to finish their master-piece! We were also honoured to meet Mister Brick who came to give us a lection about bricks. "We want to thank you for lending us your bricks, Mister Brick!"

Because of the perspective, the lettering has to be viewed from a certain point: the balcony on the fifth floor. Posters and brick signs were made to tell people about the final product and to lead them to the balcony.

And yes, in the end we got together on the balcony. Our friend, the squirrel, wasn't partying with us - maybe he was offended of our sentence. Beer and nuts made the evening complete! It was fun, fun, fun... What could make the workshop better than hard work and a great end result!?!

Thank You! Tampere kiittää ja kumartaa!

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