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The tiny-group went nuts with their font. Because the other group was dedicating their project to the squirrel, this group called their font 'Nuts' and presented this in a little booklet about the squirrel who doesn't get feeded anymore. On the last day of the workshop another high resolution film was made in the morning. Based on yesterday's film, some corrections have been made to the font. Is it legible in small sizes? Yes. Could it be more? Probably, but time is killing us. We have to put the font to an end and start presenting it.

A very tiny 16 page booklet was made, not only to present the 'Nuts' font, but also to tell some personal experiences of the local squirrel. And a cute mascotte for this whole workshop was made. You wanna know all about the squirrel? Here is a PDF which tells the real story. Try to print it at your own printer, and see if your printer can handle this type at 3 pts.

It was a long long day, the books got finished at nine o'clock in the evening; time for pizza, beer and of course some nuts!

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The type again at 2 pts. Only now the picture is taken with a digital camera through an optical enlarging lens. Get your eyes focused.

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