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We asked different creatives to give a contribution about:
Car lettering as a visual chance, in and on a personal public space.
Please click on the pictures to read & react (send us you contribution, here).

Peter Bünnagel, designer
Scrollan, Berlin, Germany

Prof. Czyk (aka Alexander Branczyk)
Xplicit, Berlin, Germany

Piet Schreuders, art director
eg. Poezenkrant, Amsterdam, NL

Christian Schwartz, type designer
Orange Italic, New York, USA

Sasker Scheerder, artist
his website, Rotterdam, NL

Michael Göke, 3d designer and rockstar
Cryptic flowers, Essen, Germany

Eike, designer
Subfuse, Berlin, Germany

Henrik Birkvig, designer and
head of the D.G.H. LetterLab, Denmark

DJ Wout, designer, AGI member & DJ
FdV, Rijswijk, Den Haag, NL

I photographed the Octopuss van in Brussels last year, in Koningslaan, near the Botanique. There are several things wrong with it but it has a definite charm. The way the Cooper Black has been compressed beyond recognition would stop any passing typophile dead in his tracks. The BLOKKEN & IJSFIGUREN words, for instance, were scaled horizontally to about a third. Yet the happy octopus logo and the many intriguing bilingual product names (glace carbonique/droogijs) would bring a smile to anybody's face. Let's all send a message to octopussice@yucom.be and tell them how much we appreciate the designer's effort.

This builders' van could be spotted on Keizersgracht, Amsterdam. The lettering isn't great but it's the logo that wins us over. Three bold colors, a simple, clear and straightforward image -- what more do we want? I would definitely trust my piping and renovating work to these professionals.

Piet Schreuders
Sorry Akiem en Bas, dit kostte mij 40 minuten, dus het achtvoudige van de door u geraamde tijdsspanne!

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